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Ram EcoDiesel's shameful payload rating

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The (non-existing) payload... what? :mad:

The indicated payload in this chart is equal to max payload minus typical passenger weight.

Chart is from pickuptrucks.com.

To be fair, that is the lowest you can spec by choosing the biggest body, luxury trim, air ride, and the highest curb weight.
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Not to self, if caught on the highway side by side with a 2014 Tacoma that wants to do a rolling run... DO NOT ACCEPT CHALLENGE. Rather not get smoked by a toyota.
And the 'Yota was the least expensive, too! Meaning......you could add lots of aftermarket stuff....exhaust, CAI, rims/tires, tint, bumpers, etc.
Yeah you really can. Aftermarket for those things are usually good no doubt.
One intersecting point is in the light duty challenge ram actually beat ford in the course with a 1000 pound payload.basically I'm starting to believe that ram just is really conservative in payload ratings to protect themselves legally.
Likely that's the case, they can't afford any extreme losses, Ford can to some point.
How can someone test a truck for themselves to see what it's real world towing cap is? I've always stuck by the manufacture ratings and never gone beyond.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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