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Ram EcoDiesel's shameful payload rating

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The (non-existing) payload... what? :mad:

The indicated payload in this chart is equal to max payload minus typical passenger weight.

Chart is from pickuptrucks.com.

To be fair, that is the lowest you can spec by choosing the biggest body, luxury trim, air ride, and the highest curb weight.
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what is the effect of gearing on towing? I notice only the ridgeline has a shorter ratio than the EcoDiesels 3.92, but the ridgeline only offers 5,000lb towing capacity..

The only reason i ask is because i noticed that the Silvy with 3.23's tows 6,000 lbs vs its shorter geared twin Sierra at 6,700 lbs... Considering everything is identical i figured it has to be the taller gears in the silvy that contribute to the 700 lb loss..

I would imagine the explanation for Silvys 3.23 vs Sierras 3.42 is that the silverado is marketed as having a greater fuel efficiency than F150 while Sierra is left to its own devices. Although the observed MPG only has the two differing by .1 MPG...
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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