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RAM Fastest Growing

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F150 may enjoy the top volume in segment but RAM is the brand who is GROWING. For 2013 the truck segment grew 12% While RAM itself saw growth of 22%. Even more promising are fleet and commercial sales where RAM saw 21% growth while the rest of the industry saw 9%.

RAM's on a roll...
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Not bad at all, they may not be the top dogs with volume but as long as they have good growth going on that is what matters here.
Do we start thanking the Italians yet? lol
I'd imagine alot of this has to do with the new diesel.
Do we start thanking the Italians yet? lol
not just yet. They NEEDED to grow RAM, it and Jeep (well Ferrari too) are the only divisions of the company that are paying the bills. All the others are net losers. Dodge is in the process of being suicided, Chrysler is a babbling mess right now, FIAT (LOL), Alfa doesnt know its in business, Maserati is trying to be BMW, Lancia just sucks, and then there's Ferrari...

So I'd hold onto that christmas card a little while longer sparks :D
I think overall they're doing well even at Ferrari, but they can expand more and introduce more models but for now it's good enough. Seems like they're trying to grow maserati, spotted this new compact maserati.
i think once the new f150 is available it will also be the fastest growing.
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