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Just last year, Ram had announced that it had no intention of developing and selling a competitor to the Chevrolet Colorado/ GMC Canyon and the Toyota Tacoma. It seems that Ram has now changed its mind and sees "opportunity" in the US mid-size truck segment.

"I think there's opportunity there in the U.S. if you look at what's happened in the mid-size segment here - significant growth last year," said Ram boss Mike Manley in an interview with The Detroit News
2015 Dodge Dakota Render

Indeed, FCA already has plans to enter the mid-size truck segment with a pickup variant of the next-generation Jeep Wrangler. So there is definitely a broader recognition of the demand in this segment. So much so, that FCA could enter a Dodge Dakota in addition to the Wrangler pickup that has already been announced. That shows a huge potential in the mid-size truck segment. Even Mercedes-Benz is getting in on the segment.

Mercedes-Benz Pickup Render

Still, Mike Manley would not go so far as to confirm plans for a sub-1500 Ram truck. If it does happen though, don't expect to see it in dealerships for at least a few years.
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