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Ram won't make Chevy Colorado rival

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Chevrolet recently unveiled its Colorado midsize pickup truck. Now the question is whether Ford and Ram will join the party in that segment. Ford has hinted at a Ranger successor earlier this year, but Chrysler is hoping that its 1500 EcoDiesel will lure midsize truck buyers into the full size market.

The hope is that the better fuel economy without sacrificing any capability will be exactly what customers are looking for.

Do you think Ram should try to compete in the midsize truck segment, or will the 1500 EcoDiesel be able to handle things on its own?
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no its a bad idea to try and transition small truck buyers into half tons. Not for anything but people buy small pickups because they are small pickups. If they wanted half tons they would of bought half tons.

FGord tried to transition Ranger shoppers into v6 reg cab short box F150s and it failed miserably so now they're bringing back the ranger....

Colorado is going to clean up in the small segment, the entire industry is downsizing EXCEPT for pickups. Go figure...
Yea I think people actually want it to be small. It's not that people are compromising when they get a small pick up. They actually want a truck that size. I don't know if Ram should make a competing pickup but I am also not sure that People will move from a small pick up to the Ram EcoDiesel 1500.
exactly small trucks are much friendlier as well. They have smaller engines, less of a chore to drive in tight spaces and just enough capability for the average DIYer. I used to have a ranger 5-6 years back and it was fantastic, could haul wood, drywall, rubbish, hockey gear, dirt bikes, parts, camping gear, WHATEVER....

sure i could of done that all in a half ton like RAM 1500 but then my fuel costs nearly double. No thank you...
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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