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Ram won't make Chevy Colorado rival

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Chevrolet recently unveiled its Colorado midsize pickup truck. Now the question is whether Ford and Ram will join the party in that segment. Ford has hinted at a Ranger successor earlier this year, but Chrysler is hoping that its 1500 EcoDiesel will lure midsize truck buyers into the full size market.

The hope is that the better fuel economy without sacrificing any capability will be exactly what customers are looking for.

Do you think Ram should try to compete in the midsize truck segment, or will the 1500 EcoDiesel be able to handle things on its own?
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people cross shop mid and full size trucks all the time. its not a big deal to me. I dont see the point in a smaller truck.

Its still a truck and its still big...
Nice refresh from the old model;

I see the old Colorado everywhere

Out dated

New interior is nice. And the design is 2013ish
Some of them dont

There will always be haters who want to stick with their old one.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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