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Hi guys,

What do you think of these???

Custom made SOLID aluminium base plates for the a 6 foot 4 inch Rambox. The rear plate is interchangeable with the passenger side, however the front plates are unique to the driver or passenger side.

They aren't made out of the cheap plastic like the Mopar ones, these are 1/4" thick solid plates. They won't warp or bend like the plastic ones. You can stand on these!!!

Check out our pictures, you'll see the difference first hand between these and the cheap plastic one....

Please note that the base plates will NOT fit in a 5'7" truck bed, they are only for the 6'4". The dividers will work on a 5'7" ranbox bed.

Rambox Passengers Side Aluminum Base Plates 6'4" Bed | eBay

Rambox Driver Side Aluminum Base Plates 6'4" Bed | eBay

Aluminum Rambox Dividers | eBay


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