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RamBox Bed Size?

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Hey guys, I'm considering the RamBox but wondering if anyone with the Box feels it infringes too much on the bed? Looking at one the other day I noticed just how small they make the bed?

Curious about opinions...
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To build on this, I was wondering if the RamBox gets longer and still spans the whole length of the bed no matter what size bed you get.

I've got the rambox and love it. My most important tools are always with me during the week. Fishing poles on the weekend! You can also hide beer and stuff in their and when you get some place and take it out, wifey is happy. If it were visible during the packing stage and when going place to placey, i'd probably get "is that necessary".

As fare as room... You also get the bed extender which is handy. I easily carry drywall and sheetrock. I understand the larger beds have longer rambox.

The biggest problem seems to be that you can't get a cap. You can, however, get a cover or ladder racks, etc...

I have no regrets and am glad I got them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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