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Greetings. Post #1 . About to plunk down more money than I've ever spent on a vehicle (by a healthy margin) to get a truck that will probably outlast me. I will get the crew cab and would much prefer the 6'4" box but am unsure if that's an available combo. I want to have a reasonably decked-out truck, but am having trouble getting the lowdown on the Big Horn and Laramie packages; what's included and what's not. From the reading I've done, I know I want the air suspension. I'm a little concerned about reports of a harsh ride on 20" wheels so if someone could tell me their experience with them, that would be helpful. I want to obviously pay as little as possible for this grand acquisition, so am looking for every advantage I can find, including the credit for military personnel (I'm retired USAF). I plan to use USAA's car-buying service if I can, since they proclaim thousands of dollars in savings if I do. Any advice from y'all on strategies and what to watch out for would be appreciated! :)
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Stan, I just went from a '13 QC Bighorn Hemi to a '15 QC Outdoorsman Eco with the air suspension. They both have 20 inch wheels. The ride unladen in both was very comfortable. However, when towing, the air suspension makes a huge difference. If you plan on towing somewhat regularly, I would recommend the factory air suspension. There are aftermarket air suspension systems that are available for the trucks as well. I have been underneath my truck and can say that the factory air bags look very stout compared to some of the aftermarket offerings.
Yes I am going to get the air suspension. I've read nothing but great things about it and put that on the "must have" list. I also read that the 20" wheels come with a harsher ride, so I may have to ponder that. Also I am in a quandary about drive gearing. I know that the 3.92 gearing is better suited for towing, but what is the penalty in MPG when not towing?
I have a '14 limited with everything except ram box which I really wanted but couldn't find due to the limited stock available at the time, anyway my 20's ride very nice.The one thing that frustrates me with the air ride is that I can't drop it to the entry/exit level when I pick up my elderly parents unless I get out and use the fob?? but it rides very nice and lowers itself at hi way speeds for better milage The truck has been fantastic,take your time and grind the salesman then come back the next day and grind him again!! Here in Canada our economy is going down the toilet very quickly and there is a half dozen on every ram lot in the country not like it was when I bought mine. The oil changes are expensive but there is less of them,(longer intervals)I pay about $225.00 but the oil is getting cheaper (special pennzoil)aftermarket filters are coming to. I have a 3.92 rear diff and if you don't tow at least 60% of the time go for the 3.55 your milage will be better.Happy shopping!!
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I lied!! One of the posts on here said that the air ride would not drop if you drive somewhere and want to drop it so someone could get in (elderly) so I took their word for it. I tried it today and it works pefectly even in gear!!! I just came to a stop and pushed the down button and bingo down she goes!! Now I have been in to the dealership for a back up sensor and oil changes they could have updated something I don't know about. I like a kid with a new toy =)

I don't have air suspension but did try it out. My experience with air and with out (both had 20" wheels) was that the ride was great. If you haven't purchased a vehicle within the last 10 years (our last was an 05 Odyssey) you'll be surprised how far suspension design has come. The ride is just smooth regardless if your just driving yourself or loaded down. I think having coil sprung rears is truly an added bonus, I wouldn't be surprised if other truck manufacturers eventually adopt coils as well for their 1/2 ton trucks. Also here in California, they don't offer the 17" as an option on the Laramie, which I have so pretty much didn't have a choice. One thing I will say about the chrome clad wheels is that they pit fairly easily. Can't tell from afar, but when your up close you can. Make sure you get a coat of wax on them ASAP, and if you clean them regularly they will be okay. I don't get around to washing my truck enough, so I paid for it.
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