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RECALL: 159 Ram 1500 Trucks because of Transmission Flaw

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Chrysler has announced a small recall of Ram 1500 trucks due to a possible transmission flaw. The recalled trucks need to be inspected and, if necessary, have their gearboxes replaced by an authorized dealership service as soon as possible.

An undisclosed transmission supplier informed Chrysler that a small shipment of its gearboxes contain a flaw that may prevent any of the 159 Ram trucks affected from shifting into park.

The affected Ram 1500 pickups were made over the course of 12 days in late January and early February of 2014 are affected. 125 are in the US, 32 in Canada, and 2 outside of North America.

The affected vehicles will be checked to see if the flaw is present. If it is, the unit will be replaced at no cost to the customer.
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This is a pretty tiny recall. It doesn't sound very serious at all. I'd be surprised if we had someone affected on the forum. Seems like the odds would be pretty low.
an undisclosed transmission supplier you say? Well considering one gear box is proprietary and the other is ZF sourced, make your pick ;)
Thankfully it's just a small amount and nothing even close to hitting the 4 figure range or beyond.
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