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Recall R51 (front winter cover), just FYI

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I'm new here, so just in case this isn't known to everybody...

When I emailed Chrysler for my build sheet of options on my (used) 2015 ED, they also said it was due for a recall R51. This is essentially a FREE front winter cover that they ask you to install if temps are constantly below freezing, in order to avoid internal icing of the charge air cooler (CAC). This is on 2014/15 Ram EDs. They will also reimburse you if you already bought one!

Gonna go get my free cover today, as it does seem to take the ED a long time to warm up. But I'll pull it off as soon as spring hits...

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Update: the winter cover does seem to help up in Calgary, and I'm HOPING that it will help reduce the DPF clogging rate - my daily commute is rather short, and with the winter cover on the truck is getting up to much better temps and faster...

For those interested, with cover on, my temp was about a steady 97 Celsius (coolant and oil) on highway at around freezing temps (0). On my short commutes (10 mins city driving) with below freezing temps, it is warming up to high 70's C or so with a couple minutes of idling before take off.

Sorry I don't have exact figure comparison of before without cover on: I was just looking at needle and it never really got that high on my daily commutes...
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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