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Regen. questions

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Hi Guys: Taking delivery of my new Laramie 3.0 ecodiesel on Monday and was trying find as much info on the regen. cycles,my 2004 ram cummins didn't have this system so i am new to this,my typical drive to work is around 40KM/20 miles each way,now what happens when it starts a regen as i get home?? Do i forget about it as it will start to regen on my next trip? i also read that we shouldn't be idling to long with these new breed of diesels.Living on the Prairies in manitoba Canada our winters can get to -35 for weeks and you do need to warm up your truck before driving off:confused:
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Thanks for this, i read somewhere on a ecodiesel forum that you shouldn't idle them for long as they "coke up"?? i guess the DPF?
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