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Rooftop Air Deflector/Towing Wing?

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Anyone installed or considering install of one of those stowable roof mounted towing wings/air deflectors? I'd seen them regularly on HD 5th wheels, but I was up camping this weekend with my brother and on the way up I saw a HEMI 1500 with a caravan box camper making use of one.

Some of those box trailers are real parachutes..

Thoughts or recommendations?
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Oh, I've never seen on e of these things before. Does it make a big difference in fuel consumption? I'm assuming it only really matters if you are towing something that is pretty tall.
Never really seen one of these before. Is it worth it?
I have seen them and would love to have one. The issue is two-fold. It would have to be easy to put on and take off. Then I would have to tow more often.

The tow I just did a report on in the towing section might be real different if I had one on the back of my cap. My tow-hauler is angled at the top but still a parachute with a serious fuel penalty above 60 mph.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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