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Second turbo

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I wonder how long it take for people to develop a second turbo kit.

From what everyone complains in the reviews is the ecodiesels lose top end torque at higher rpm. Wouldn't a second turbo tuned for the high end of the rpm spectrum correct that problem?
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Well yes all of that has to be addressed and I am not looking for raw horsepower.

You set the turbos to compliment each other so right before one drops off the other spools up and takes over...if done correctly you wont notice or see much torque gain but you will see steady torque throughout all power bands.

You can tune to all your hearts content but you will never beat the physics limitations of turbos.

Compounding Crash Course - Diesel Power Magazine

I probably will never touch it till later in the trucks life but its fun to read about.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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