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Second turbo

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I wonder how long it take for people to develop a second turbo kit.

From what everyone complains in the reviews is the ecodiesels lose top end torque at higher rpm. Wouldn't a second turbo tuned for the high end of the rpm spectrum correct that problem?
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First thing that has to come is tuning. Now, the big question is what that tuning entails; will it be emissions-compliant or will it be DPF/EGR/SCR delete? THAT's the big question.

Next is transmission, what's the point at which the trans is overwhelmed by torque? Because even this little 3.0 will put out some torque if pushed. Now, the 8 speed is rated up to, I believe around 650-680ft-lb capacity roughly in certain applications (Rolls Royce comes to mind). Are the differences between versions something as easy as torque converter and tuning, or more significant internal upgrades (I believe it's more internal upgrades)?

Then and only then should turbos be looked at, more power is worthless if the trans won't hold it.

I think (hope) that a good tune to put it in the 350hp/600ft-lb range will come out, and a trans tune will allow it to hold more power before having to tear into it. It's all unknown at this point.

Also, if the engine starts falling off on the top end, a simple tune will cure that without getting into turbo upgrades.
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