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See how a Ram Heavy Duty Diesel Engine is built [video]

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This is how Cummins builds the turbo diesel Ram engine which displaces 6.7 liters and powers the 2500, 3500 and Ram's entire lineup of chassis cabs.

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I feel special now, got to see the 2,000,000th cummins engine get built!
Too bad this video didn't show more, would like to hear some RAM rep speak about it
Cummins: Helping 'Merica Mess Up The Environment and Pissing Off Prius Owners 365, 24/7

Did i forget to say Merica? :D
they make strong reliable diesels. apart from pissing off prius owners :)
Its not as though the diesel engines are any better or worse for the environment than petrol engines. It all depends on which engine you are speaking of and which engine you are comparing it to. I thought this was a pretty cool video though. It looks like a pretty big engine.

I always find it interesting to see more of the behind the scenes work that goes into designing and producing vehicles.
And soon enough we'll be seeing these under the hoods of some Toyota pick up and I think even a Nissan
i wonder if we will ever get a "how does motori build our 3.0"
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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