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See it is a Family Vehicle

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So I'm interested in the Ecodiesel as a family vehicle, nothing else that I know of offers this kind of capability and returns that kind of mileage white having enough room for the kin.

LeftLane thinks so too, ranking it as one of their 10 best commuter vehicles amid the mix of the usual suspects. Being included with the Prius for frugality may go a long way to change peoples perceptions of what mileage value is in this country!

In Pictures: The 10 Best Commuter Cars
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A lot of people simply like trucks. They are very functional for many things from farm work to family work. And if people like the style a feel of a truck then why not make it your family hauler? I think you've got the right idea. Have you considered any other vehicles or are you pretty set on the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel?
Truth is, trucks can be family vehicles, as long as you have the space, efficiency (for some that doesn't matter so much) and all the other necessities, then it can work
My family likes the EcoD better than the Suburban it replaced. Plus, it gets 8 mpg better fuel economy too!
Suburbans are ridiculous vehicles. They are enormous.

You may be able to carry a few less people with a Ram 1500, but I think its a much better family vehicle than the Suburban.
If the other options for family vehicles are Suburbans, and minivans, then I think that the Ram 1500 is the best of the bunch.
The Suburban is not much larger than a 1500 mind you. Its based on the Silverado 1500 so careful what you're calling ridiculous. Those in diesel could be a big hit, maybe as much so as the Eco RAM...

But yea a minivan is out, DEFINITELY.
Loved my 3 Suburbans. Carry a lot of people or stuff and can tow a load too. Kids are getting older and do not need the 3rd row of seats now. Great for long road trips too. The RAM rides just as well and it is nice to have a bed to carry dirt, gravel, etc. Looking forward to a long haul to see where the MPG will land with the EcoD.
I don't see why not Val, if the Eco ticks all the boxes and meets the CFO's criteria do it. No other vehicle on the market is going to offer you the same type of mileage and capability...
Out of all those on the like, I prefer the ram ;) heck we used it as a family vehicle and more!
It also looks cooler than a minivan, if that is something that you care about.
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