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Service Electronic Throttle Control

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I have a 2017 Dodge ram 1500 Eco Diesel with 4000 km on it and I have had it into the dealer 3 times with the service throttle control message.

The message has always come on when using the remote start. It has not come on while driving. Also it has come on when it is minus 20 deg cel or colder.

Runs great when it is warm out.

Has anyone had this problem recently??
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I also have a 2017 Eco Diesel and have been having the same problem. I currently have started the buy back process for my truck and have been very disappointed in the way Chrysler has handled this so far. Here is what has happened so far. Had vehicle for about 4 - 6 weeks with 600 miles on it. I live in Wisconsin and went out to start truck at -2 and truck started rough and the electronic throttle light came on and automatically put the truck into limp mode. Took it to the dealer and they said I had jelled fuel and reset the codes after it warmed up and said I was good to go. I questioned them several minutes and said I had bought diesel fuel there for years. They also said I should plug it in and get a grill bra for it. I told them for $50,000.00 it should be able to start with out that. I explained when I am ice fishing there is no outlet and it should start. After a long discussion I took the truck and went home. I don't think it was a day or two and the exact same thing happened. I limped it back in and this time they said a low pressure code on the turbo boost caused it and to come in and pick up the truck it was all fixed. Before I picked up the truck I talked to the service manager and asked him what had been fixed or replaced. His response was that they tightened and check the clamps to the turbo. I responded by saying, so you really didn't fix anything did you? He told me know not really but the codes were all clear and it runs great. He also said they cant just start replacing or working on the truck with out following Chrysler protocol. I said you do realize there is a problem with this truck don't you? I also said that I now Know that the first time I came in that it was not jelled fuel. He refused to admit anything and I told him that the next time it gets to zero out I would see him again and then I was going to demand something to be done. Disappointingly took the truck home and on new years eve shortly after midnight on the way home same ****. Now I take this thing back and have a little talk with a few of the managers and they politely give me a derango to drive and they were going to drive my truck for awhile and try to figure this out. After a week they called me and said they had a Chrysler specialist come down and he said that they were aware of this problem and that it was a software issue that they are working on. They told me to come pick up my truck and wait for the update to come out. As you can imagine I was not to happy. I now own a $50,000.00 truck that I cant use in cold weather in Wisconsin. I asked what my options are and they told me I could start a buy back process by calling Chrysler. I called Chrysler and filed my case and a case manager called me back and said, well the vehicle is safe to drive and Chrysler is working on this and it only happened to you once so you do not have a case yet. I explained it has happened three times and he said that the service manager said there was other problems at first, jelled fuel,turbo. I explained to him that this has been the same problem from the start but it was like talking to the wall. To all of you having this problem do not let anyone at the dealer tell you anything else. Chrysler is working on it and yes they finally admit there is a software problem. Dealers love to just reset your codes and say it is fixed. I was even told that I should be good now because the weather is going to warm up! You have got to be kidding me.
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