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Limp mode

I have had the same thing happen 4 times on the way to Chicago. Each time it happened I had to get on the brake because of traffic conditions. Like in your case, this lasts for a few seconds and then things go back to normal. So far, I have no real answer for this. I called the dealer but they have no idea why this is happening either.
My truck went into a limp mode on Wedesday morning. The engine was revving only up to 3k in second gear and truck did not go over 40 mph. It displayed throttle control malfunction message. Thankfully my dealer is only 15 min away so I brought it in. The service guy said today that the main computer needed to be replaced and everything is back to normal. I am sick and tired of all the problems with this truck and I completely lost any confidence in it. I will give it another try since I don't have much choice. I don't think Lemon Law applies when each issue is different.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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