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Shutdown During Regeneration???

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Third regeneration for my truck this morning while going to church. Only issue for me was I would get to church before it concluded.

When I parked it said the filter was still 40% full. Shut the truck off but smelled nothing unusual. After church I started and expected that regeneration process to continue. My expectations were NOT reality.

No more regeneration from church to the grocery store and from there home. My take is it does not restart again until it gets back to the 90% full condition again.

Am I right? You tell me.
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Do not think the owners manual speaks to the issue of regeneration starting back up the next time you start the engine. Actually think you are urged not to shut the engine off during the cycle.

This morning I was barely on time for church. I was not letting the engine run or going around the block for another 5 minutes until it finished. Nuts to the whole thing, I shut it off.

After church, the truck never re-started the cycle to finish it. That's what I know.

I was part of that "other thread". It is not applicable as this issue is one of shutting the engine off during the regeneration cycle.
Regen Cycles

From my experience with Regen systems on Caterpillar equipment, If you shut the machine off during a regen event and the DPF level is below a certain level it wont regen again until the filter is full to the required level to require a regen. I'm sure each manufacturer has different settings and percentages for regen cycles. I can't speak for the new ED's as I don't own one yet but the Cat stuff we have works that way. I'd say it will be fine and will just run until it requires a regen at 90% again.
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What 06TD noted for the CAT is similar to what I noted with with my 08 pre delete. If you have to shut off, first let it idle for a few minutes, as the whole exhaust system is hot, over 1200 F to burn off the soot in the DPF.

That CAT story is probably what happens with this little ECO also.

Sure miss my '04 Cummins. Simple, no emissions, fewer electronics and maybe more reliability. Those days are forever gone.
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