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Hey Folks,
Just reviewing some of the updates in the forums this afternoon and felt like adding some positive notes. I have been traveling in my ED in the last few weeks on a 2000km road trip as well as to work as a daily commuter of 180km round trip. I have just simply been enjoying the truck, the comfort and room that allows me to enjoy the purchase. I did get the CAT/DPF CEL's and had 3 1/2 weeks of down time, but I still love the truck.
To boot, in my area the Diesel cost per L went down from 1.22L to 1.12L when I last filled up. That and reg gas was sitting at 1.10L, I did not feel like I was over paying for fuel that the gassers keep trying to remind me of. Now its time to start cracking the windows, fresh air, and some good country music for the weekend drives to the camp.

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I was just thinking about typing a similar note. I just turned 21,000kms without any issues. Last weekend, wife and I went on a 400 mile day trip that ended in a very muddy, frost heaved road.

Truck got covered with mud and I couldn't be happier. It worked perfectly, we were as comfortable as could be and I used less than a tank of fuel.

The boat is out of storage and I just had a new cover installed. I plan to hook it up to the truck and take some pictures.

Sorry about the country music gadfly, maybe you should get that radio looked at.
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