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Sliding Doors

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If this patent application is to believed your Next RAM may be available with sliding rear doors.

This is Chryslers idea for the next gen sliding doors on the Grand Caravan, notice the short length of track at number 32

From Allpar:

Past sliding doors have normally been restricted to vans and minivans, which have a relatively flat side past the door opening, but the patent application claims that this design can be used for crossovers, sedans, and pickup trucks as well. (Indeed, that seems to be the only benefit for the new design, according to the text.)

Could a sliding door be implemented on a Ram for better access to the rear?
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It's always been a good idea for this sort of application.
I don't get how it will work with such a short track but I am intrigued. Is the benefit easier loading and unloading of the car? I also wonder if it will change the look or design of the car/truck very much.
Yea the door wont be in the way when getting in and out. I also dont get how it could be slide to the back. There is the wheel in the way and everything else..
I can see it being good as a cargo van. no doors in the way will make work life with it much easier.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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