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soot (exhaust filter full) after every 5000 miles

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My 2015 service message says the exhaust filter is full, then the electronic throtle control fails and the engine loses all power. This has happened after the first 5000 miles and every 5000 since. I had it in the dealers for 2 weeks and they could not determine why it was creating so much SOOT. So they changed the injectors, fuel lines and filter. The problem still exists. Is this a problem or just the way this engine works that every 5000 miles you have to have the dealer tear down the engine and clear the soot out of the EGR and other major components?
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That's certainly not normal. Is your truck doing regenerations? Have you ever had the EVIC message saying "DPF is 80% full - proceed safely to highway"?

The only time I've ever heard of the engine going into limp mode like that is if you ignore those EVIC messages and the DPF hits 100% full...then the dealer has to do a forced regen (or so I understand)...but that shouldn't happen if you follow the instructions.
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