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starting with command start

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I start my truck with command start about 4-5 min prior to leaving the house/work. now it isn't a big issue right now as it is still ok temp out but I have it set to turn seat warmer on and steering wheel warmer on in options when started with command start. But as of right now they don't come one. anyone else having this issue? or is there a temp it has to be colder than before it will come on??
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i use mine but its still hot here with the A/C on and seat cooler set to 1 and it works fine for that
If programed the seat and steering wheel heaters should come on at 0C. Mine do add its nice on a cold morning.
I assume you can get them to come on even if its not cold outside as long as you program them to. Did you check the owner's manual? Maybe it would have info on the particulars of the heated seats.
so it was below 0 today and they came on. they did a few other days also when it was 2,3 out. seems like they come on at 5C or colder I think
My heated steering wheel and seats come on at ~39 degrees F (4 degrees C). Was camping near Jackson Hole, WY on September 4 and woke up to a very crisp 22 degrees F. Started the truck while loading the bed and securing the trailer. A very nice surprise getting into the truck and wrapping my hands around that warm steering wheel!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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