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Tail Light - Fixture "Melted" - Warning light

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2016 RAM 1500...sorry I put this in the wrong forum but can you help anyway?
Warning lights come on when gently tapping brake peddle - "Tail light out" and it shows whichside. This has been happening since we purchased the truck. First it was driver side, now it's passenger. Dodge dealer replaced socket/fixutre both times - this time told me that the fixture was melted and that is common in these trucks. Sound unlikely. They didn't check wiring, nothing, just replaced the fixture. Driving off the lot, light tap to the brakes and the warning light came on again, "tail light out" and shows passenger side, which was just 'repaired'.

Before I take it back to the folks at the dealer who want to tell me that the tail lights on these trucks regularly 'melt'...please advise.

Dealer description of findings: Left rear tail light buld is burned out also sociket has signs of burn.
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You should change your mechanic because he's unable to fix that issues
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