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Skyjacker is an innovator and one of the leading manufacturers in the suspension modification market. Today, it offers a huge range of kits featuring different lift heights, levels of performance, and suspension travel built to provide your rig with better handling, improved stability, and maximum comfort. Their high-quality but budget-friendly shocks are on sale now!

Buy 4 Skyjacker Hydro, Nitro, or Black MAX Shocks and get a $35 cashback rebate (or $17.50 for 2 shocks). OR Buy 4 M95 Monotube shocks and get a $55 cashback rebate (or $27.50 for 2 shocks). Shop now! This offer is valid from March 1st through May 31st, 2021. Please follow the instructions in the PDF to get your reward.

Skyjacker® - Black MAX™ Shock Absorber

Skyjacker® - HYDRO H7000™ Series Shock Absorbers

Skyjacker® - NITRO N8000™ Series Shock Absorbers

Skyjacker® - M95 Monotube Shock Absorbers

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