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Tannaue cover

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I'm new to the truck world. I just bought a 2015 laramie 1500 ecodiesel with Rambox My dealership bought me a bakflip g2. With the recent rain in texas it's been leaking on all four courners. Does anyone have any idea how to stop water leak inside my bed. Anything would help. Thanks
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I have a cover, fill back, 3 sections and stand up at the end if folded all the way. No leaks at all. You may need to see if installed properly. However, they aren't dust proof. I also have a non skid matte on the floor. If water does get in, there are drain holes, just in case.
Thanks, I have a little separation gap between tail gate and cover. Don't know how to cover that. I'm trying to keep my cargo area dry
The tonneau cover you have should be weather proof according to its product description. I also believe that the cause of the leak in improper installation.
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