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Temperature of Regeneration

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This is from the Ultra Gauge I just stuck in front of the dash. The CAT temperature went from about 600 degrees F to what you see for about 5 minutes or so. Never saw anything on the EVIC. Never noticed any change in fuel mileage or power but I was just going rather slow showing the area to some visitors.

Now you can really see why shutting off the EcoD while a regeneration is going on can give off a smell and heat.
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Wow. I have 15,000kms on mine and never noticed a regen yet. I do about 40/60 highway/city.
Well guess what? It did another regeneration today in maybe little more than 100 miles from the last one.

Watched it start and then checked the clock. Thought I had a problem as it was 18 minutes long. Got me worried a bit watching it go close to 1300 degrees. Mostly the temperatures were in the mid 1100's to low 1200's. Then it finally dropped down to the normal 500 degrees +/-.

Was told there are many. Now I'm getting a hint of how many there might be. Nothing shows on the EVIC. Watched and watched the fuel consumption but made no conclusion. No change in power and believe me, I stomped it once just to check.

This gauge is an "eye opener".
10%.....how many miles are on your truck? I know mines done it b/c of the hot smell I've noticed a couple times that I've gotten out of the truck while it was running. Also I've felt the heat coming from the tail pipe on 2 occasions. ....it was pushing some heat!!

Anyway I have 6700 miles and have never seen an evic display saying anything about a regen.
I'd like an edge cts monitor, but after looking at what you have the price is pretty appealing. The edge with the pillar mount is 450 ish. I really like the clean look of the edge cts with the pillar mount but ouch....360 bucks I could spend on something else!! That ultra gauge have soot percentage for the dpf? How many egt locations does it detect (I believe our trucks have 4 sensors) i see it has egt and boost.
10% that looks like a great guage. Where do you think you will mount it for best viewing?
Thanks for all your good info!
Questions and answers...

The Ultra-Gauge.com site has a link to the on-line manual. Mine is the "upgraded " model and costs about $8 more than that $69 one. It also has a different manual on-line. In that manual it specifically talks sbout the particulate filter monitor on page 56.

I am stupid busy entertaining guests from up north. Did not even run the truck today. Have not touched the unit to see what it might do.

Mounting might be right where it is. From a driving position all it blocks is numbers on the speedo above 110. You get a full view of the fuel gauge and it sits there nicely.

Truck has 18,000 miles on it. This second regeneration you see here was less than a 100 miles after the first one. I have been told this truck will do one every couple hundred miles. Unlike the first two I watched on the EVIC, there has never been another show up there. Might be this truck has had over a 100 regenerations that I did not know about.

Note the turbo boost as I acceerated just a little for this picture. You can also read horsepower and torque here. I was trying to hasten this regeneration with no luck. It took a full 18 minutes and actually got me worried something might be wrong.

It dropped back to appx. 500 degrees after this regen.

Appreciate the thanks. I know little about this thing and bought it because it will read and clear codes. The inexpensive price was a good thing and my take on construction is Garmine-like.
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1 more question 10%.....which mount is that? Looks like there are several mounts you can order with it. The unit I found is the ultragauge em plus. ...that the 1 u have?
hello, just wondering if it works in Canada as the web only mentions US vehicles,
Just asked the dealer if I added the Ultra Gauge or the Edge Insight CT or CTS would that void my warranty. They told me any after market equipment added to truck would void the warranty. I explained these units are not programming units, rather they are monitoring units to help us detect upcoming regen cycles. They still wouldn't budge. I'm going to get one anyway and be very careful if you know what I mean.
ultra gauge

Caplou, i think your dealer is full of you know what. This gauge monitors the system, does not program a dam thing.

I mounted mine on the top left of the center part of the dash above the screen where all the controls are.Does not block the view of anything. Very easy to see.


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Yea, I do too. They've been very innconsisent w/whats allowed and disallowed. I asked about putting the timbren suspension upgrade on the truck and they were fine w/it. Thats where I mounted mine too.
Same here

Wow. I have 15,000kms on mine and never noticed a regen yet. I do about 40/60 highway/city.
I thought I was the only one...I have not noticed any indication on the screen that I am in a regen...124 miles round trip for work...I thought there is something that tells us its in regen??
My manual said the cpm will let you know when your dpf filter is at 80%. Might be different in your manual. Might wanna check it. Its in the the regen section of the manual.
Two things I can think of as reasons why some of us are not notified.

1. Maybe the type of driving we do and the climate we are in negates the need for the regen. If we're using the truck in a way that it reaches all of its designed loads and temperatures, I'm thinking the filter won't get plugged up.

2. I have the smaller display on my dash. Not the big 7 inch colour screen. I do not see what gear I'm in as others have stated, maybe it doesn't notify me of a regen either.
Get an Ultra Gauge. Cheap and you sure can see the regenerations.

If one shows up and you are too slow to keep 1,500 RPM to maitain it, use the buttons to lower your gear and bring the rpm's up. YOU CAN watch your top gear in the small EVIC readout when you do this.

Seeing that 90% blockage regeneration is not a good thing. That means you have not completed the 65% ones properly.
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Get an Ultra Gauge. Cheap and you sure can see the regenerations.
If one shows up and you are too slow to keep 1,500 RPM to maitain it, use the buttons to lower your gear and bring the rpm's up. YOU CAN watch your top gear in the small EVIC readout when you do this.
I might get one.

I know I can see the top gear on the small display, what I don't see is what gear the truck is in, as it sifts through the gears and especially if it stops at a gear that is lower than the top gear I have set. If I set the top gear at 7, I can see that setting on my display. As the truck goes up through the gears, I have no way of knowing that it shifted into 7th or stayed at 6th unless I listen and count the shifts.
Since I purchased one, I have a regen every week. Allot of city driving. Just like 10% said you got a keep it above 1500rpms. You can also put your truck in tow/haul mode. It helps keep the rpms up too. Especially, if you have to slow down for traffic or make a turn. You can also do a regen in park, but you have to drive around a little and get your temps up. Shawn (Mopar Eco-Diesel) has a video how to do it on youtube. Fast forward to 16 mins of video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5oADaRtAQ8
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