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Went to local dealership w/ my lovely wife to check out the SLT cloth bench seat vs Laramie leather bucket seat. (we tested the Laramie-although hemi engine) Specifically, for her it's the seat comfort level. I wanted to see how the suspension carried over the freeway expansion joints and overall handling.

Got to say, we were both quite impressed. I liked the height, the beefy feel (felt the same as when I tested the 3500), the quietness, and just the general overall satisfaction knowing that I'm making the right decision of downsizing.

The picture I had in my mind of a 1500 was a 180 of what I experienced.

He said 2 Ecodiesels were in transit and would call once they arrive and I'll take one for a spin. He said at that time, the ordering would open.
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I'd imagine that it feels much different driving the EcoDiesel Ram1500 compared to the petrol version. Hopefully it still retains its "beefy feel."

You'll have to let us know how the drive with the diesel ram goes once you get to it.
on paper it seems to retain the beefness. I have yet to test drive both of them myself but will make sure to.
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