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Went to local dealership w/ my lovely wife to check out the SLT cloth bench seat vs Laramie leather bucket seat. (we tested the Laramie-although hemi engine) Specifically, for her it's the seat comfort level. I wanted to see how the suspension carried over the freeway expansion joints and overall handling.

Got to say, we were both quite impressed. I liked the height, the beefy feel (felt the same as when I tested the 3500), the quietness, and just the general overall satisfaction knowing that I'm making the right decision of downsizing.

The picture I had in my mind of a 1500 was a 180 of what I experienced.

He said 2 Ecodiesels were in transit and would call once they arrive and I'll take one for a spin. He said at that time, the ordering would open.
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I would imagine that the diesel engine at least feels beefy. Diesels have a good rumble and low end torque. Wouldn't that be the beefiness you are looking for? I suppose that is what you mean by it looking beefy on paper.
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