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The most convenient bed storage organizer ever

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Decked is a drawer storage system for full size trucks. The beauty of Decked is that you can put 200lbs of tools and other stuff in the drawers and still use your bed putting up to 2000lbs on top of it.

The DECKED system measures 12 inches in height as measured from the top of bed ribs to the top of the DECKED system.

It is a revolutionary bed storage system that will definitely help any work truck owner!

What do you think?

DECKED® - Truck Bed Storage System
* Click on the pictures to review specs and prices

See how it works in action on this YouTube video, and don't forget to subscribe to our channel for the freshest product reviews!


We already sold a couple of these and our customers are highly satisfied with the product.

Would you get it for your truck?

* Inquire for quotes in PM or in the comments below! Don't forget to include your zip and emails :)
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All PM replied! The drawers are still good in stock as of right now.
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