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The state of the truck market half way through 2014

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I've got plenty of stats on what is going on in the truck market now that we are half way through 2014. Here are some graphs, charts, and stats to shed some light on what is happening.

First off, here is how market share breaks down:

Ford is still way out in front with Ram and Chevy trailing in third and second respectively. GMC is also owned by GM, so if you add that to Chevy market share, GM gets pretty close to Ford's market share. The Japanese trail far behind though.

Now let's look at truck sales this year to date:

Honda - 7,906
Nissan - 42,359
Toyota - 133,136
Ram - 203,860
GM - 333,870
Ford - 365,825

That's over a million trucks sold this year! Ram has descended out of striking distance of Chevy/GM, but it is still putting down some good numbers.
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yea but RAM outsells GMC by its lonesome, and Chevy barely beats out RAM themselves. The only reason chevy clawed back into the second spot is they've been dumping piles of cash on the hood and I'm pretty sure RAM has actually run out of manufacturing capacity, they just cant run the plants any harder, supplied components are the biggest hold up from what I've read.

RAM 2014 YTD- 203,860
Silvy 2014 YTD- 240,679
Sierra 2014 YTD- 93,191
Having problems or limited production capacity is a better reason than limited demand, but at the end of they day the fact remains that RAM just isn't selling as much as Chevy. Do you think Ram is happy with being in third or will they attempt to change their strategy a bit to gain ground on Chevy?
good to see a chart like this

those Nissan Titian's are cool but I rarely seem them, which is what this chart also shows.
Nissan needs to do something about it's truck
Thanks for the information. Confirms my thinking in a couple areas. unwilling to convey my thoughts except on one issue. GMC is a bit more money than Chevy with fewer dealers marketing them. Same truck - bigger price.

Wonder if that's ALL pickups - 1500, 2500 and 3500 or maybe even 4500?
that's what i noticed too, GMC's are even more uncommon in canada and with that fewer marketing them.
I barely ever see GMCs in Canada. Especially trucks, the ones I do see are SUVs.
I don't think I've ever seen a GMC truck. Nor a Toyota or Nissan in recent memory.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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