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Think twice before buying ECODIESEL!!!

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Just traded my 2013 Ram 1500 Hemi in for an Ecodiesel, wanted better gas mileage. Having nothing but issues with it. Not even a month old and it broke down on the side of the road. Took it into the dealer last week for same issue they didn't do anything to address the problem. When I have about 100 miles left in the tank its hard to start, check engine light comes on, and stalls out. Not sure if anybody else has experienced the problem, but there was a great review on Edmunds about the same exact issue im having. I even gave the dealer the article to read about the issue. Dealing with Ram service is HORRIBLE!!!
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I was told by the service manager the truck will work if I go out and buy a fuel container and bring some diesel to the truck!!!
Wouldn't it be easier to bring the truck to the fuel? I find it much more convenient to pull up to the pumps instead of pouring out of a can.0:)
Sorry, I had to.
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