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This Truck is FAST!

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Opinions are just that. I have owned and operated many pickups continuously since the early 70's. Before that it was 50's cars, then Pontiac Firebirds and other "hot cars". From then into the early 90's I used gas pickups of all brands. Some good, some hideous (1988Ford) and all were various degrees of thirsty dogs. They were universally slow, no matter the engine.

Early 90's and I got my first of now FOUR diesel trucks. All have better power, great reliability (except the Duramax injector junk) great fuel mileage compared to the gassers but all were also dogs.

I think that slowness is because all were geared low, had slow transmission shifting gates, the motors revved slowly and they were heavy. Now this V.M.Moteri is real different.

Just stomped it down to pass an old "blue-head"(probably younger than me) doing 40 in a 60 mph zone. Darn truck about put me back into my seat. It's got serious pickup in my opinion. Seconds later I got behind a delivery truck doing 50 in that 60 zone. Bang ... laid it to waste and was doing 80 mph in seconds. Truck acted like a happy boy.

During a towing test I passed an 18 wheeler while towing 5,000 lbs and quickly did 80 mph. From stoplights this truck is up front in the traffic instead of plodding through the gears holding up traffic. Even on the open road I'm no longer being shown I'm "number 1" from people pulling out to pass. I actually cruise along at 75 mph on the Interstate and feel I belong.

Tested it once and the governor stopped things at 106 mph. Got there easily with the feeling it could go into the 130's. This is no ordinary 6 cylinder engine. It's not a "little" economy 6. It is competition for most any 8 cylinder gasser for power and not suitable for smaller vehicles. This engine runs strong and does it with great economy.

That's what I think on the issue.
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Fast is a little over zelous. But thats me coming from my Challenger that would do 13 sec in a 1/4 mile at ~108 mph. I often feel that the truck is lagging but this is my first truck iv owned. Drove plenty and even drove a 10 wheel truck hualing panels for a construction business. That truck was SLOW. but it was expected.

On the flip, in the ecodiesel, i have never had a problem passing someone. it will jump for 60 to 80+ with ease, even towing my 3K LBS boat. no complaints really. i need to stop comparing the challenger to the truck.
EcoDiesels doing the TON, we should get stickers made ;)
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Already earned mine. Where's the sticker. I'll put it on.

My Cummins stopped in the high 90's. Don't remember exactly. The Durajunk did the ton, barely. My old 6.5 GM did not. Like the Cummins, it stopped barely into the 90's.
Load the turbo a little (1300rpm) from a dig and it will roll the tires over for all of first gear with the 3.55:1 and 20s.
Back in the early 1960's I rode a BSA twin. Everyone wanted to "do the ton" on their motorcycle. That means it will go at least 100 mph.

Could not go that fast on my Harley K Model or the old panhead. Traded my BSA (always had lots of bikes) for a BSA Lightening. DID THE TON.

Life is good. Old tires are not. My current BSA's and Triumphs can still do the ton. Their tires are best used below 60 mph.

Oh - My new Harley Fat Boy easily runs the ton as does my older Sportster. Even the little Moto Guzzi 500 cc I have can do it. It's the tires...

What is the TON?
If you get caught going 50 kilometers per hour over the limit in Ontario, they take your license and your car from you roadside. 100 mph = 160 kph and the limit is 100 kph.

Sounds like fun, but don't get caught.
If you get caught going 50 kilometers per hour over the limit in Ontario, they take your license and your car from you roadside. 100 mph = 160 kph and the limit is 100 kph.

Sounds like fun, but don't get caught.
that's brutal,

i think down in california they're also that strict.
that's brutal,

i think down in California they're also that strict.
It's supposed to cut down on street racing. It's tough to prove you were racing the other guy, but if they just nail you on speed, whether you were actually racing or not doesn't matter.

There's stories every summer of someone in a euro car or bike getting caught going over 200kph on the freeway.
Bought my wife a Crossfire convertible a few years ago. White with red rock leather inside. Neat car. Real neat. She asked me to sell it because, as much as she loved it, sitting in there bothered a nerve in her hip.

One day I had a Garmin GPS on the dash and had to use it on the interstate. Traffic in front was way out there. I hit it down.

Caught up and let off. Not sure what I did until getting home. Looked at the GPS log and there it was for us to see.

151 mph.

Ton and a half plus one.
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After driving home from the dealer, with a total of 72 miles 58 being mine I was browsing through the touch screen and it tells you max speed achieved. Well someone at the dealership drove it up to 106 mph. I'm assuming this is its max speed and was a little tweaked knowing they rodded it before they sold it. I guess I couldn't really blame them because I would be tempted to to the same. I bought my challenger through the same place when they first came out so I can only imagine...
Someone told me the governor was 104 but I know it was 106. I watched that speed on the dash-mounted GPS. Did not have to lower my eyes to the dash, which is why I like just a cheap add-on Garmin. Plus, they upgrade them for free any time you want to do it.

That hot car probably had the governor also. Doubt they got it much faster. It would be nice to find out.
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