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Those with air ride the wait is over

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Ok if you want a extreme lift you might still be waiting... but if you wanted to lift a few inches 1" to 2" keep on reading.

From these forums I found out about adjustable air ride
Air Suspension lift - Page 2 - DODGE RAM FORUM - Ram Forums and Owners Club! - Dodge Truck Forum

Site for the sensor adjustment
Adjustable Air Ride

For those wanting a permanent aero mode you can get the lower kit

as with everything if you lower your truck or raise your truck you will need to realign your wheels.

The kit costs $300 for 4 links.

When my tires give up the ghost, I think this is the method I am going to use.
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Good find dravas. For those looking for a little cheaper out, check out the link to grainger for the ball sockets & fastenal for the threaded rods in that same thread. Looks like a cost of about $80 for the diy'er. I think this system would negate the entry/exit level, however. the addition of a short offset on the sensor arm where the ball socket mounts (effectively moving it closer to the pivot point of the sensor arm) would probably restore that & still give you the lift you wanted with some careful adjustment of the new linkage. Interesting possibilities.
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