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Thousands off from incentives!

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$3500 dealer discount
$3000 incentives
$1000 off for having a lease in the family
$500 off from having a business
$500 off for being a first responder
$500 in accessories from business program
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Panther. Think it's over priced in the first place.

There's $2,500 worth of incentives in that package that us "mortals" would not qualify for. When we buy it's $2,500 more profit into the company profits and dealership. Makes me wonder just what it costs to make one of these things?

With all the capital, R & D involved, it's probably not calculable. I just seem to remember my first car cost $1,400 new. New Pontiac Firebird convertible cost me $3,800, first truck was $6,000 or so.

I know, money is different now, which makes my 15 years on a fixed retirement hard to deal with but the prices still are crazy inflated at any money value.
Reiterate without all the persiflage. People buy these things. I did. We pay a lot and it's a good thing the company makes a profit or it would not make the product.

Agree. If you can't afford it, don't buy it. Wait until next year and you can pay more if you want one while continuing to deal with what you are currently driving.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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