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Thousands off from incentives!

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$3500 dealer discount
$3000 incentives
$1000 off for having a lease in the family
$500 off from having a business
$500 off for being a first responder
$500 in accessories from business program
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The greatest thing to happen to RAM shoppers in years was Chevy building a piss poor Silverado Update. A Brutally uncompetitive Silverado has RAM smelling blood in the water, they're gunning for the 2 spot this year, you can tell by how much cash they're putting on the hoods of these things...
Well its not really money value anymore now is it. Of course prices were allowed to "inflate" hully gully when its not real money being spend. Extend and Pretend, extend and pretend.

It bothers me when folks turn around and vilify the corps, like its their fault you over leveraged yourself, sure they could be more responsible, but their MO is profit. Anyone who thinks business should be in business for any other reason than profit needs to buy themselves some good rope. Just like we all try to maximize our take home pay they try and maximize take home profit.

The essence of capitalism is putting your money where your mouth is, without real money we (well society) has allowed this to perpetuate... Kick the can, kick the can, kick the can. Becuase credit is SO easily available the hard work of savings is bypassed meaning you extend your credit without a second thought because there is no backbone to where that "money" was EARNED.

apologies for the rant :D
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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