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Three weeks and loving it.

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I greatly enjoy my Ecodiesel SLT. It is so much more civilized than my 2013 GMC was.
I hear many comments on other forums and comments on truck review pages about
trucks being trucks and that's that.
When you put 3 to 5 k a month on the highway you appreciate creature comforts and a cruise control that actually functions like it should.

I live in Nova Scotia and am a contractor working for Bell Mobility installing mobile radios in fire , police , amb. etc.
I can only afford 1 vehicle and I own a travel trailer so I ditched the service van idea early.
I am very busy and on the road a lot so my vehicle is my office , workshop, and lunch room.

So far so good.

Arte et Marte
(I am retired Military 30 yrs. Army Reserve Wpns. Tech)
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Welcome to the boards Dave! What kind of mileage you been seeing?
Welcome aboard. Looking forward to hearing all about your experience with the RAM ED.
Beat it like a rented mule. Then take it for a drive around Cabot Trail and treat it like a vacation sports car.

best tank 29.75 mpg imperial 24.75 U.S.

worst 3/4 around town 1/4 highway 24 imp. 20 U.S.

Best my GMC ever got was 20 imp. 18.3 U.S. Highway

Average over 26480 km when traded was 21.36 imp. 17.78 U.S.

I think my fuel nos. will vary with the winter and snow tires but I am happy to see these kinds of nos.

Bell is not paying my fuel bill.
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