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Throttle control sensor loses power

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We have 2014 ED
. This has happened to us 4 times now, the most recent, Aug. 13. The throttle control sensor light goes on just for a couple seconds, then engine light comes on, and within maybe 15 seconds, the enging loses power, and goes into "limp mode". Each time it's been terrifying. 2 times it happened at high speed on busy freeway, you have only seconds to figure out how you're going to get over to side of the road......so dangerous !!!!! Last time I was towing horses in trailer on a hill, single lane with cars behind me. NOWHERE to pull over, and truck was going 6 MPH. Just aweful. Such a safety issue. I no longer trust this truck and I'm afraid to take it anywhere. There is never any warning about when it might happen. Have had 4 Dodge/Jeep products before. this is soooo sad. Starting Lemon Law in CA. Anyone else have this happen?
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