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Tires for 1500 eco

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I'm new here and am in the process of selling my old 2500 diesel and getting a new 1500 diesel. I'm looking for a Outdoorsman, these come stock with 17 inch wheels and 265/70R BSW all Season tires.

so one question is, what if anything are people doing with these tires? I don't if these stock tires are C rated or B. Does anyone know?

Also, on my 2500 I replaced the stock tires and went up a size to 285s. Is there room to put a larger tires on the 1500s?

I wanted to get one with 3.55, but as there are not many of these around, my dealer has found a 2.92 axle ratio which I may buy. I've heard this should lower the mpg about 1mpg. Well, any thought and suggestions appreciated.
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Hey, I took deliver of my new 1500 this weekend. Sweet.

As I had not actually seen an Outdoorsman model that I purchased I had some tire questions posted above. I was quite surprised to find that my truck came with upgraded Goodyear Silent Armour Pro Grade tires. I was even more surprised that there are E Load range tires. Excellent. This is the best tire I've every had on a stock vehicle. Years ago I purchased a Chevy Truck with the wimpy Z71 off road package and was very pissed when it came with B rated tires. I had a flat the first month and pulled them all and put on good C rated tires. My old Dodge 2500 came with good Michelin Hwy tires that were completely useless off road. I pulled them immediately and put on 285s BFGs.

Also, there seems to be plenty of room in the tire well for a size upgrade if I do this in the future. I hope this helps anyone else looking at this package.
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Those load E range should be plenty to tow 5000 pounds. You sure it's not 2200 Kilo's? If you look up the load rating for that tire, it should be over 2300 pounds per tire, putting you in the 9,000 range for 4 tires. I think that is close to what they advertise for the 1500.

I put 285.s on my old 2500. Of course the larger tire has a higher load rating. My second set of tires were the BFG K/Os. It was more of an off road tire and didn't wear all that great. The one you have at Costco looks like a much better tire for towing and hwy use.

I love my new truck. I hope you are enjoying the ride.
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