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Tires for 1500 eco

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I'm new here and am in the process of selling my old 2500 diesel and getting a new 1500 diesel. I'm looking for a Outdoorsman, these come stock with 17 inch wheels and 265/70R BSW all Season tires.

so one question is, what if anything are people doing with these tires? I don't if these stock tires are C rated or B. Does anyone know?

Also, on my 2500 I replaced the stock tires and went up a size to 285s. Is there room to put a larger tires on the 1500s?

I wanted to get one with 3.55, but as there are not many of these around, my dealer has found a 2.92 axle ratio which I may buy. I've heard this should lower the mpg about 1mpg. Well, any thought and suggestions appreciated.
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My Outdoorsman (got a month ago) actually came with Champiro Ice 2 WINTER tires (E load rating), so I'm gonna need to buy summer/all-season tires in not too long. In Calgary, Costco has the BFG Rugged Trail T/As as the cheapest option - any thoughts on these? Also, is "E" load rating sufficient? I plan on towing an RV trailer (5000 lbs) this summer for the first time...
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