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Tires for 1500 eco

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I'm new here and am in the process of selling my old 2500 diesel and getting a new 1500 diesel. I'm looking for a Outdoorsman, these come stock with 17 inch wheels and 265/70R BSW all Season tires.

so one question is, what if anything are people doing with these tires? I don't if these stock tires are C rated or B. Does anyone know?

Also, on my 2500 I replaced the stock tires and went up a size to 285s. Is there room to put a larger tires on the 1500s?

I wanted to get one with 3.55, but as there are not many of these around, my dealer has found a 2.92 axle ratio which I may buy. I've heard this should lower the mpg about 1mpg. Well, any thought and suggestions appreciated.
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The gear ratio your dealer fI understand would be a 3.92....nothing wrong with that set up.
As far as the tires go, should be no problem going up a size. You will probably loose more mileage with the bigger tires but if it's what you want go for it. Keep in mind you will have some speedometer error when changing the circumference of the tire.
I run an aftermarket set of 20" xd monsters with a/t tires for the winter. They are the same size as my stock 20", but they are heavier and have more rolling resistance which equals less fuel economy. With that being said, it's not going to be huge, but it will add up....
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