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Tonneau Covers?

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Just curious about Tonneau covers quickly. I've got an OEM soft leather roll up on my ranger right now, but I think for Ecodiesel I will be considering either a full on hard top or at least a folding soft top.

Anyone have any suggestions or preferences?
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The cover wont improve your gas mileage. I like to use mythbusters because people seem to relate with it better than anything else.

Finding: BUSTED

Explanation: If you drive a pickup, common sense might lead you to think that opening the tailgate on the road is the more fuel efficient way to go. In fact, the idea that tailgates block airflow and increase drag became widely circulated, and some truck owners intentionally drive with the tailgates down to ease up on gas consumption.

Closing the tailgate actually improves fuel efficiency because it creates a type of airflow called a separated bubble within the bed of the truck. As wind rushes over the moving truck, that bubble of slow-moving air deflects it over the raised tailgate. By guiding surrounding air over and across the bed of the truck, that vortex effect prevents added drag.

However, driving with the tailgate open eliminates the bubble effect, pulling the air toward the truck bed and creating more drag rather than deflecting the wind. Some gas-conscious pickup drivers still swear by leaving their tailgates open, but science sides with leaving it up.

Driving With Tailgate Up Is Fuel Efficient : Discovery Channel

But the cover protects things in the back of the bed that need to be dry or locked up. But i wouldn't use it to improve your gas mileage.
This has a good detailed article as well. Tailgate Down Myth | Medium Duty Work Truck Info

I think I am going to get a nice soft cover...sad thing is I want one that works for my slim tool box and that is looking like a tall order to fill...might have to get one that comes with a tool box and just sell my old tool box.
Behind the box cover
2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Bak Roll-X Tradesman Tonneau Cover - Works with Toolbox & Headache Rack

Comes with box cover
Bak Roll-X Tonneau Cover with BakBox 2 Toolbox - Best Price on Bak Rollx Tool Box Tonneau Covers

Its a semi soft cover but it works.

I want a behind the box cover that works with a 12" box but like I said a slim tool box is a unicorn in the cover market.
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