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Tonneau Covers?

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Just curious about Tonneau covers quickly. I've got an OEM soft leather roll up on my ranger right now, but I think for Ecodiesel I will be considering either a full on hard top or at least a folding soft top.

Anyone have any suggestions or preferences?
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The cover wont improve your gas mileage. I like to use mythbusters because people seem to relate with it better than anything else.

But the cover protects things in the back of the bed that need to be dry or locked up. But i wouldn't use it to improve your gas mileage.
tonneau Cover protectant
I did some looking on here and I didn't see too much about this topic. I wanted to see what Tonneau covers y'all were running as Im looking to get one myself. This is my first truck so im not exactly sure what to look for or what to stay away from. Im leaning towards a soft cover, so that I can still use the entirety of my bed, but Im open to suggestions otherwise. Thoughts?
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