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Took a picture

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I have parked here a few times and thought I would take a picture.

Looks like someone hit the ceiling this time,
I wonder was it a Ford or a Chevy.LOL.
Cause my Eco with extry exit height just clears it.

Sorry but this is a ECO only parking stall.


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Stayed in a hotel in Ottawa a few weeks ago, I drove down the ramp to the underground garage and the bar that shows you the height limit was at the bottom of the ramp around a corner, I didn't see it until I was at the bottom of the ramp and of course I was about 3 inches too high. Had to back out the circular ramp on to the street and go to their outside parking.

I've been ok in more modern parking garages since.

Thanks for the pics
Used to own a 2500 Cummins and before that a Duramax. Neither liked parking garages.

Never had a reason to try this EcoD in one. I avoid cities if i can.
I avoid cities if i can.
Ha! Good advice.
Avoiding cities is always a good thing.
I have to frequent cities and hate it with a passion!
Just reminded of how nice it must be to have that air suspension and be able to lower the truck for things like this.

Then there's also the reminder of how difficult it must be for those that spend big money to lift their trucks and add big tires. They pay "through the nose" for the look and then pay for the extra fuel to run the darn things and pay again when it's parking time.

Doing stuff like that is a perpetual pay.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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