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Top 3 loading ramps that will ease your life

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Transportation of heavy equipment always takes a lot of cerebration, labor and nerves. Not to mention that the stuff you need to move is often enormously heavy, and seems impossible to load in the bed of your truck. So, if you are not a famous Olympic weightlifter, you can consider yourself deeply screwed. Here at CARiD we have the solution, actually 3 to be exact. We selected the top-3 loading ramps which will help you to load your stuff as easy as possible. Everything from dirt bikes, ATVs and lawn tractors to ponies and even Smart cars if your bed is large enough. Whatever stuff you want to move, will get into your pickup faster than you could say the word 'loading'.

#1 Lund® - Bi-Fold Loading Ramp

* Designed to hold up to 1,500 lbs with distributed-load capacity of 750 lbs per panel;
* Fold to 15" width and can be taken apart for storage;
* Manufactured from rust-resistant lightweight aluminum;

#2 Better Built® 25712183 - Arched Loading Ramp

* 750 lbs capacity (each ramp);
* Heavy Duty mono threshold bar;
* Sold as a pair (2 ramps);
* Includes safety strap for secure loading;

#3 Better Built® 25712193 - Short Tri-Fold Loading Ramp

* 1,500 lbs Capacity;
* 500 lbs Capacity per panel;
* Great for ATVs and lawn tractors;
* Includes safety strap for secure loading;

Don't forget to check out the whole selection of loading ramps available for your truck here as well: Pickup Truck Loading Ramps | Folding, Arched, Aluminum, Dock Plates

Feel free to contact me any time with your questions and price quotes inquires.
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