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Towing 10k?

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Did Ram underrate this ecodiesel or can I tow a 10k boat rig with a quad cab 4x4 and 3.92 axle?

Currently we use my buddy's Tundra and it pulls it fine but around 7mpg.
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I guess what I'm getting at is it seems as if many refer to the "light duty transmission" in the eco as the concern with towing over what's recommended by the factory. It just seems odd if the tranny behind the hemi and eco is the same and the hemi properly equipped can go into the mid 10k range why it would be a problem with the eco. Don't get me wrong, if I had something that heavy and was towing frequently then in my opinion there would be nothing less that a 3/4 ton in my shop.
The difference is the intercooler used. Even if we use the same we are burning hotter than the gasers mostly due to the turbo, maybe it is why we got a single stage turbo instead of the two stage in the titan.
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