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Towing 10k?

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Did Ram underrate this ecodiesel or can I tow a 10k boat rig with a quad cab 4x4 and 3.92 axle?

Currently we use my buddy's Tundra and it pulls it fine but around 7mpg.
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Towing Temp's

We took a two day camping trip this past weekend to check out the new to us/used 34 foot Rockwood TT. Never checked it at a scale but it was about 7500 lbs. One small mountain pass but it was a long slopping grade to 3900 feet. In tow haul it was in 2 or 3rd no cruse. Temps were normal but the transmission was just at 199 then dropped right back to 179 once we hit the summit. It is a very narrow curvy road so have to drive slow even when not towing. I felt the truck handled it very well. :)http://www.dieselramforum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=521&stc=1&d=1427828112


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Yes,, I have a WD hitch with stabilizer bars and Timbrins on the truck. No air.just coils. :cool:
Perfect, me too. Good to know I can tow a 34" trailer with the right hitch.
zoomie, do not plan to win any races though. I set the trannie to 7th gear and do not want it to even worry about 8th. It spends most of its time in 6 and 7. It was very responsive to the throttle when needed.:)
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