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Pickup trucks are often viewed as low tech, but theres much technology and dollars being poured into this segment to extract every ounce of capability. Heres a look at some of the top pieces of Technology making your pickup better.

1. Forced Induction

Torque is pretty much where you begin and end all towing conversations, without it good luck. There are many powerplants out there capable of delivering the required torque, BUT, where is it delivered? Forced Induction assures you have the necessary torque available at just over idle.

2. Diesel

Until the RAM EcoDiesel we were without a 1/2 ton oil burning option for too long. Diesel doesnt just deliver you the necessary torque, it also sustains economy while towing. Diesel doesnt see as severe a negative drop off as petrol does when under heavy load.

3. Auxiliary Cooling

If towing your using a light duty 1/2 ton for heavy duty towing ( I know you're out there) You might want to consider investing in high capacity radiator, oil and transmission cooling upgrades. Sure the pieces are pricey but its well worth it when you consider the downside is a full powertrain rebuilt after you grenade the system ;)

4. Trailer Sway Control

its a no brainier, no body wants to mess with lost loads, fatal crashes or jackknifing.

5. Load Leveling Springs

Nothing is worse than a tongue weight bringing down your trucks rear. Not only do you look foolish but your steering becomes non existent and your brake balance is more than off.

6. Integrated Trailer Brake Control

Unless your trailer is large enough to have its own stopping system this is a biggie. Nobody wants their truck swapping places with their trailer.

7. Backup Camera

Not necessary, many are proficient with thier mirrors but its an added layer of piece of mind that some will find invaluable.

8. Extendable Mirrors

These come into play when navigating city streets with multiple square meters of trailer chugging along behind you. Its better to know than hooking yourself up to a pole.

9. Heavy Duty Tires

If you're a regular hauler consider swapping your OEM rubber for higher weight rated tires. Stiffer sidewalls and puncture resistant treads become a real best friend when adding all that additional stress to your rig.

10. Storage

Things like a lockable cap, toolbox or cargo tray.

Honorable Mention: Driver Skill

While not a technology driver skill is the single most important factor while towing. You can have the latest and greatest pickup complete with all the bells and whistles but if you dont know how to drive with a loaded trailer, well you've got next to nothing eh...

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thanks for sharing

trucks have come a long way

some of them have enough safety and comfort features to rival luxury cars

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Didn't really realize how much goes into making trucks more capable these days. Thanks for writing this out for us.

I wonder how they will one up themselves when they make the next generation of trucks.
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