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Toyota guy looking at Ram...

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...and very impressed by the test drive I took. I joined up here hoping to get more info before making a decision, and hopefully some answers to accessory questions I've been struggling with.

First,greetings from New Mexico.

Basically been using the Tundra mainly for runs to the landfill, and occasionally trips to town (Albuquerque) to get lumber for various projects in my shop and around the house.

My wife and I both have smaller SUVs, and I love my BMW X3, but I never drive the darn thing, (we're retired) so I'm thinking of getting a nice upscale Ram with all the tech goodies, because we like to travel, and we like to be able to haul Kayaks, Bicycles, and our dog with us. Traveling in her car is just a bit crowded for all that. So I'm thinking of trading in the BMW and the Tundra.

I've pretty much figured out everything I want, but the build site is a little confusing, and if you add this, you can't have that etc. I can work that out with my sales guy, I'm sure.

My biggest question: Is there any way to have the RamBoxes, a locking tonneau cover, AND a Kayak/ladder rack all at the same time. I've spent the last two days exploring options, and haven't found the answer I want, at least not yet. Seems I can go with any two, but not all three.

Any suggestions?
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Sorry about not chiming in... I had actually started a draft but never finished it! Anyway, I think it will be a challenge to find someone that makes a cover that doesn't interfere with the ram boxes. The ladder rack can be worked around the ram boxes. Anyway, I think you'll need to do some internet surfing to see if anyone has had the desire to make one like that... Remember it's all about marketing and what someone can sell, but if there isn't much ask, then they either don't make it, or they charge a pretty penny for it.

Perhaps FireMist has the way to go by using a shell with a ladder rack.

Good Luck!
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